Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Core Cal

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Core CAL: What You Need to Know

If you`re a business owner or IT professional, you`ve likely heard of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). This comprehensive licensing program allows organizations to purchase software licenses and services from Microsoft at a discounted rate. But what exactly is a Core CAL, and how can it benefit your organization?

What is a Core CAL?

At its core (pun intended), the Core CAL is a bundle of Microsoft software licenses that are required to operate most enterprise-level systems. The acronym “CAL” stands for Client Access License, which allows individual users and devices to access Microsoft server software.

The Core CAL specifically includes licenses for the following software:

– Windows Server

– Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

– Microsoft Exchange Server

– Microsoft SharePoint Server

– Microsoft Skype for Business Server

– Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

These software packages are essential for enterprise-level businesses to operate efficiently, securely, and collaboratively. The Core CAL provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way to license all of these products.

What are the benefits of a Core CAL?

The primary benefit of a Core CAL is cost savings. When purchased as part of an EA, the Core CAL can be significantly cheaper than purchasing individual licenses for each software package. Additionally, the Core CAL simplifies licensing management by bundling all necessary licenses into one package.

But the Core CAL also provides a practical benefit for IT professionals: it ensures consistency across software packages. When all products are licensed under the same agreement, it`s easier for IT teams to manage and maintain them. This reduces errors and discrepancies and ultimately leads to a smoother user experience.

Finally, the Core CAL also helps businesses stay up-to-date with the latest software updates. The EA offers upgrades and updates as part of the agreement, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest features and security patches.

How do I purchase a Core CAL?

The Core CAL can only be purchased as part of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. This agreement is available to businesses with 500 or more users or devices and provides four years of licensing and service at a discounted rate.

To purchase a Core CAL (and other Microsoft licenses), businesses must work with a Microsoft-certified partner. This partner will help navigate the licensing options and provide ongoing support for the products.


The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Core CAL is a valuable tool for enterprise-level businesses. It provides a cost-effective and straightforward way to license essential software packages and ensures consistency across systems. If your business is considering an EA, be sure to include the Core CAL as part of the package.